I need a research paper that should have a minimum length of 12 pages. Starting with abstract,the introduction which should be of one page and should contain the overview of the report, followed by problem statement which should be of seven lines .Based on the problem statement we have to write five subtitles and find its solution and analyze them ,followed by litertature review which should contain the recorrection of the previous review through out the time and flaw of the books written by the authors and  how the paper is different from those books and then followed by result analysis and then followed by literature method which should contain 7 to 10  subtitles each subtitle should be written within one and a half page followed by discussion on the result which should be of minimum ten lines and after that we have to write the unexpected findings where you can end the results in a negative tone or a positive tone with justification followed by scope for further research which should be of seven and conclusion on one page and the summary and the references of minimum 50 books