Two organisations Case Studies


Basing your arguments on the academic literature that you have studied in the first four topics of
this unit, write a report on the ways two different organisations have been able to compete in their
markets. Your report should discuss the following points about each of the two organisations:
1. Evidence that the organisation has a gain a competitive advantage from their marketing
2. Theoretical analysis of the reasons for the achievement of this advantage.
Your discussion is to be based on two suitable published case studies. This means case studies
published in the academic literature – for example, the series of case studies in a textbook, or
published in journals etc. Case studies and short articles in newspapers, magazines, website opinion
pages and the like are definitely not acceptable, although such materials may be used to supplement
the published case study and your analysis. All sources must be properly referenced. If in any doubt
about the suitability of a case study, seek an early ruling from your tutor. 
This is a substantial piece of scholarly work and will require extensive engagement with both unit
theory and at least two detailed case studies.
1. Choose your two cases. They all need to be published cases in academic sources (e.g.
textbooks, journal articles). It is obviously important that each case represents an instance of
a company achieving a clear success in terms of their marketing function.
2. Analyse and locate evidence. Begin to analyse each case in terms of the two questions –
particularly question one listed previous. It is vital that you respond to both questions, but
the evidence successful marketing practice is more likely to be in the case material itself. It is
in this part of the process that you might bring in supplemental material from company
documents/websites, media analysis and so on. Be sure to reference all sources properly.
You need to try and show clear and where possible objective evidence of sustained
competitive advantage.
3. Analyse and explain. You need to move from the presentation of evidence to explaining how
the company/organisation was able to achieve its success through its strategies. This part of
the assignment requires you to consider any aspect of the marketing strategy process
and/or any aspect of the organisations’ marketing-based strategising that you think has
enabled them to sustain their competitive advantage. You will need to show that you
understand relevant theories and concepts from the course and that you can apply them to
an analysis and assessment of different companies’ marketing actions and performance.
Consider using relevant models and theoretical perspectives to make your analysis. For
example, you might find that one successful organisation has executed its marketing
strategy by applying Ansoff’s Matrix in a disciplined manner, whereas another successful
organisation has executed a successful marketing strategy by consistently exploiting some
interesting form of customer segmentation. You may find an opportunity to critique various
concepts and theoretical positions through seeing how they apply or don’t apply to your
case organisations. Evidence that you understand and can use tools discussed in the early
topics of the unit will add value.
4. Write up. On completing your analysis, you obviously need to write it up. You should
respond to this task in report format, with headings and subheadings used to help readers
understand the structure of your paper. A possible structure might be:
a. An introduction which both sets up the task and the rest of the paper, and
introduces the core concepts that the task is designed to deal with. You might also
take this chance to scope the work – for example the time frame that will be used to
assess the marketing success for the case organisations.
b. Description of the two cases. Describe each case, each organisation and the sources
of your information. 
c. Evidence of Marketing-related success (leading through to a competitive advantage
for the firm). Marshal all the evidence that you can that you think reveals that each
organisation has well and truly found success in the marketing realm.
d. Analysis and Explanation. Provide a detailed analysis of how each organisation
achieved its success in marketing terms.
e. Conclusion. Summarise the key points and what can be learnt from the overall

Possible Solution


Description of Coke and McDonalds Cases


            The Coke Company has resulted in achieving success in the market through using strong marketing strategies. The product for the company is soft drinks that results in being consumable by people in all ages. Unlike the other products in the market, the products of Coke allow both the aged and peers to take without any health related problems. The pricing of the products are fair and cater for people in all social classes making it possible for both poor and rich achieve similar levels of satisfaction. The soft drinks have intense packaging in bottles allowing them easily distributable and people can purchase with trust. The high sanity of the products motivates people towards having increased ego towards the consumption of the products. The brands have had great loyalty and are known within a global scope not only here in Australia. Coke has maintained the quality of its products since its initiation in the market. It is an aspect the plays a prolific role in increasing people’s perceptions on the product. These among other aspects resulted in contributing significantly towards the high performance of Coke in the society. The emphasized aspects were among the core attributes that enhanced the organization’s ability to market its brands in the market.

            McDonalds is the second company that also experienced success in the market. It has managed to record tremendous sales increase in its over 110 branches located worldwide. The firm deals with food and refreshments as its products. Its menu accommodates people of all ages and has variety of foods that are priced fairly allowing many people to enjoy consuming the products irrespective the prevailing marketing trends. The reputation of McDonalds is strong and many people know it and the varied diets it offers in the market. The company has devised various strategies that have made significant contribution towards success (Kotler, et al., 2016). From the statistics of its annual financial reports, we realize it has been experiencing continued growth of its sales due to the high satisfaction of its customers. The firm is showing symptoms of success since it is increasing its operations in various markets and people are ever commending positively on its products. The changes in the market resulting from high increased inflation seem to not affecting the firm during the execution of its operations. It is an aspect that reveals market stability and modification of operations…. 

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