1) Explain in 200 words: (The above press release pertains to this section) Why was the “containment” policy of the Truman administration wrong for the times and circumstances? The dual foreign policy tenets of threatening “massive retaliation,” sometimes called brinksmanship, and the CIA-orchestrated covert operations to overthrow elected leaders around the world perceived (or in reality) as friendly to communism were seen (and continue to be seen) as counterproductive by some critics of John Foster Dulles and historians of the Cold War. Given what you have learned from reading and this document, do you believe the Eisenhower/Dulles approach was effective in keeping America safe and secure? 


2) Explain in 200 words: How did the States Rights’ Democratic Party and the Progressive Party reflect America in the Cold War? Were both parties justified in their definitions of American freedom? Why, or why not? 

3) Explain in 200 words: Historian Carl Degler titled his book on the years 1945 to 1966 The Age of Affluence and Anxiety, does this title accurately portray the paradox of the 1950s? Why, or why not?

4) In 200 words: Discuss the changes in the American economy during the postwar period. Be sure to discuss the agricultural, industrial, and consumer sectors of the economy.

 5) In 200 words: Discuss the renewed interest of some Americans in political and economic conservatism during World War II. What schools of thought saw a revival, and how may the emergence of a so-called “Fifth Freedom” have played a part in this development?