This assignment focuses on comparing  UK economy and a developing country. There is also a description of  economic system of the UK economy.

UK economy and a developing country : economic system of the UK economy

Core Task: You are required to compare the UK economy with economy of a developing country of your choice. Discuss the two countries’ economic systems and the main macroeconomic indicators, objectives and trends over the last 15 years. Consider the relative role of government policy interventions in managing the economy for both countries. Compare the economic growth and welfare performance of the two countries over the last 15 years with reference to relevant statistical indicators and macroeconomic data. The aim of the task is to test your understanding on taught economic concepts including national economic systems, national income and the circular flow of income, economic growth and welfare, business cycles and government macroeconomic objectives and policy intervention.

UK economy and a developing country : economic system of the UK economy

The assignment will also test ability of effective interpretation by using linguistic skills and strategies and economic vocabulary. In your report, you are required to distinguish between the different economic systems, macroeconomic trends, objectives and policy interventions of two countries with a particular focus on economic growth. You need to demonstrate your ability in applying theoretical concepts to real situations, and explain the strengths and limitations of GDP as a measure of economic welfare. Please use official statistical data, reported business news, academic reports and use economic diagrams and charts throughout the report to illustrate your points.

Report Structure: Here are some suggested ideas on report layout and content points.  1. Introduction: (50-100 words).  Provide a brief introduction to the question you intend to address in your report and briefly outline the main content of your report.

UK economy and a developing country : economic system of the UK economy

2. Economic Profile of the United Kingdom (200-300 words).So, describe economic system and the characteristics of the UK economy • Examine recent Macroeconomic data, trends & objectives 3. Economic Profile of the second economy of your choice (200-300 words).  Describe economic system and characteristics of the economy. Also, examine recent key macroeconomic data, trends and objectives. 4. Comparative economic analysis of the two countries over the last 15 years (300-400 words).

Detailed Instructions


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