This Assignment of Principles of Business Finance is to assess the learners with the basic theory and practice of the financial management of firms and investment decision making. This assignment will be assessed how to 

✓ provide with a strong understanding of the basic concepts in finance, including financial statements and financial statement analysis, the time value of money, valuation techniques, capital budgeting, the risk-return tradeoff, the cost of capital, capital structure, and the role of financial markets, 

✓ develop profound skills in financial analysis, planning, and decisionmaking, and 

✓ expand professional awareness of institutions and practices in business and finance. 2.0.0 About this Assignment 2.1.0 What are learners required to do ? 

You are acting as the Financial Coach for a start-up company and you are asked by the CEO to prepare a report focusing on the financial management for the start-up company and explaining the possibilities of both publicly held and private corporations. 

Assuming that all management members of the start-up company having no idea about what the finance is , you are asked to present with a conceptual framework for understanding and addressing problems commonly faced by corporate decision-makers and provided opportunities to apply these concepts to contemporary business situations. Student internal use only MOVING FORWARD, THINKING AHEAD. Using the start-up company as the illustrated example in the report , all topics reflect the impact on the overall value and risk of the company. Topics covered include, but are not limited to: time value of money, the valuation and role of debt and equity, capital acquisition and the organization of financial markets, the relationship between risk and return including the capital asset pricing model, capital budgeting/project evaluation techniques, cost of capital, cash flow estimation, project risk analysis, real options and company valuation. All topics are presented from a perspective that will enable the corporate manager to better understand how corporate decisions impact the value and risk of the firm. 2.2.0 What contents are we expecting from your report : 

1 Understand the Corporate Finance , and Long Term Financial Planning

 ✓ Introduce Corporate Finance

 ✓ Work with financial statements , and understand taxes and cashflow 

✓ Explain long-term financial planning and growth

 2 Understand the Valuation of Future Cash Flow 

✓ Introduce Valuation : the Time Value of Money 

✓ Understand the concept of Discounted Cash Flow Valuation , interest rates & Bond Valuation , and Stock Valuation 

3 Understand the Concepts of Capital Budgeting 

✓ Explain the concept of Net Present Value and other investment criteria 

✓ Make a Capital Investment Decision

 ✓ Prepare a project Analysis and Evaluation

 4 Understand the Risk and Return 

✓ Learn the lessons from Capital Market History 

✓ Illustrate the understanding of Return , Risk and Security Market Line 

✓ Imply Options into Corporate Finance 

5 Be able to assess Special Topics in Cost of Capital , Short-term / Long-term Financial Policies 

✓ Cost of Capital and Raising Capital 

✓ Financial Leverage Policy ; Capital Structure Policy ; Dividend Policy 

✓ Short Term Finance and Planning 

✓ Liquidity Management ; Credit Management , and Inventory Management .

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