For the research assignment, you will be asked to show your level of competence in understanding abnormal psychology and abnormal behaviour. First, please read through the vignette titled Disco Di, as well as the supplemental document regarding Disco Dis historical information. After reading the vignette, I would like for you to research and discuss content in 3 areas 1. Diagnostic Features/Differential Diagnosis; 2. Cultural/Gender and Social/Environmental Factors; 3 Paradigm & Treatment Methods. You will also be asked to write an introduction and conclusion for the paper.
The paper must be no more than 5 double spaced typed pages (12-point font) excluding the title page and references. You must have at least 5 scholarly, peer reviewed, journal references in your research paper and (e.g., American Psychologist, Psychological Bulletin). They must be current (i.e., within the last 10 years). The paper must be in APA style. You will also be asked to cite and reference your arguments with pertinent theories and research in abnormal psychology.