Unilever and P&G – Understanding Consumer Behaviour

This assignment talks about Unilever and P&G. There is also a discussion on understanding Consumer Behaviour. Therefore, demonstrate a clear understanding of the topic.

Unilever and P&G – Understanding Consumer Behaviour

Students will write a 2500 word long report based on a chosen case study. They will expected to expand on the case study and use additional consumer behaviour literature, relevant theory. Also, relevant data to respond to the case study questions (that each carries equal weight). They will also expected to demonstrate a clear understanding of the topic while drawing and explaining their conclusions in a clear and analytical way.

Students will assessed on the content and clarity of their written work. Additionally, their ability to present a logical argument and their adherence to academic conventions such as referencing and citations. Arguments that show evidence of a critical approach, depth of analysis, originality, and confident use of the module literature will receive higher marks.
The report should typed with a font size of 12, 1.5 spacing. The structure should include an introduction, main body answering the case study questions, and a conclusion.

Unilever and P&G – Understanding Consumer Behaviour

This report may supported by visual or magazine material, as appropriate. The reference list is included in the word limit.
Students should consider the following four marking criteria that carry equal weight:
First, argument & logical analysis (quality of content , logical argument to respond to set questions, justification of arguments, depth of analysis, critical approach identifying possible pros and cons in different topics)
Secondly, use of recommended and other material (powerful application of relevant module theory and relevant information).

Thirdly, quality of conclusions (the conclusion should be well developed and explained in a clear and analytical way; highlight the main essence of your work and if applicable provide relevant recommendations to marketers and/or public policy makers based on the preceding discussion)
Fourthly, structure, style & presentation (well-developed introduction, main body that answers the case study questions and conclusion; quality & clarity of presentation, aesthetics, polished final product, adherence to academic conventions such as APA referencing and citations)

Detailed Instructions


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