United States intelligence: Intelligence Topic and its significance

This assignment is a United States intelligence research paper. In this case, you will choose a topic that is focused on intelligence (or be related to intelligence and explain how it is importance). Identify your research sources, identify and apply a research method to your paper. Finally, draft a paper that defends your main point/thesis.

The field of intelligence studies is an interdisciplinary in that it incorporates elements important to economics, business, psychology. Its also relevant in international relations, political science, criminal justice, security studies and more. The term “intelligence” can refer to both a product as well as a process. Conversely, a topic that is important to “intelligence” would be something that supports a particular requirement or mission.

More about United States intelligence:

For example, “We carry out competitive” intelligence to support the mission of businesses. Whereas “sociocultural intelligence” focuses on understanding social and cultural principles of target areas in a manner to achieve the goals of a particular mission. Executive Order 12333 on United States Intelligence Activities further explains that the goals of United States intelligence in its official government capacity gears towards assisting leaders make decisions specific to foreign, and defense. Its also important in economic policies and the protection of the US national interest.

However, it’s also important to keep in mind that the confines of United States intelligence or the United States intelligence community do not limit “intelligence”. Topic: You must choose a topic from your area of concentration which is important to intelligence studies. You are free to choose any topic you find interesting or have wanted to investigate but haven’t been able to address.


Your paper must have a solid, pointed premise. A solid main point is a conclusion of analysis, based on your research, that is reasoned and pointed. You cannot choose a main point which is obvious or self-evident (terrorism led to the war in Afghanistan or the lack of WMD in Iraq was an intelligence mistake). You must ask a research question, research, and draw a conclusion or answer to the question. State your research question as a declarative sentence in your introduction. That declarative statement is your premise or hypothesis. You must be specific, not vague or general.

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