United States v. Bass, No. 01-1471, a real-life case decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Your task is to argue that the Supreme Court ruled incorrectly in the United States v. Bass case. As an advocate, you must make the arguments even if you personally don’t believe the Supreme Court was wrong in its ruling. You must explain in detail why the Supreme Court ruling was incorrect.

Quick Response

The case United States v. Bass entails the case of a black man, John Bass, who was charged with two counts of homicide with a firearm. Bass moved to terminate the death penalty notice hence filing a discovery request for information about the death penalty with arguments that government’s capital charging practices were highly influenced by racial discriminations and prejudice according to the United States, (2013). The defendant raised the question about selective prosecution based on a difference in the race. The Supreme Court’s ruling was incorrect based on the past cases that were determined involving the whites who did not get similar judgments despite the similarity of the case…

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