This assignment explores Unmanned aerial vehicles problem. In addition, it touches on advantages and disadvantages to using drones in emergency services management during an incident/disaster.

Unmanned aerial vehicles problem-using drones for emergency services

There are three problem for this paper no REFERENCES NEEDED 1. first problem is a reflection no need for REFERENCES (first page) 2. second and third problem is question and answer (2nd page) second problem is about the Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) can be remotely piloted or automated. Drones have been used by the military for decades with the first recorded use during the First World War. Reconnaissance UAV’s were first deployed during the Vietnam War in a large scale deployment. The use of drones for emergency services has finally been an accepted tactic. they can be used for a variety of tactics/responses within emergency services including: GATHERING EVIDENCE SEARCH RECONNAISANCE REAL TIME MONITORING.

Unmanned aerial vehicles problem-using drones for emergency services

Please discuss in the discussion board the advantages and disadvantages to using drones in emergency management during an incident/disaster. TAKE NOTE; List 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages for the incident/scenario of your choosing (e.g. – hostage rescue, search and rescue, tornado, hurricane etc.) 3RD problem is about the Using the same scenario, we have used for a few other units, the Tornado in IMS participant Manual, page 31, list in the discussion forum in priority what your plan for recovery of: 1. Any critical infrastructural facilities 2. Structures and people that may be contained therein. Simply stating what you plan to do is not a plan. It involves the 5 W’s plus 1 H: who, what, where, when, why, and how. Those may be good subcategories for your forum submission. FILE FOR SECOND PROBLEM IS TITLED SECTION 11.1 RECOVERY FILE FOR THIRD PROBLEM IS PARTICIPANT MANUAL PDF.

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