Research current literature on the topic of your choice 

a)  Find a minimum of 3 articles from peer reviewed journals in EBSCO host, CINAHL, or other appropriate healthcare database related to the population within your HP2030 objective and methods of health promotion or disease management.

 Nursing journals are preferable, but not mandatory. 

The articles should not be about the disease itself, but about health promotion for prevention, innovative methods to decrease risk factors for diseases, such as smoking cessation, or methods to help self-manage a disease, such as heart failure.  


b)  Write a short paper using APA format. 

The paper should: 

  • Include a title page with a running head. 

  • Summarize the Healthy People 2030 topic and chosen objective. 

  • Provide a paragraph reviewing the key points of each article and how they relate to the chosen HP2030 objective. Include appropriate citations of sources within the text. 

  • Provide a conclusion of how this research will be used to promote the objective of the selected Healthy People 2030 topic through health promotion teaching activity. 

  • Include a reference page to include the HP2030 website, the articles, and any other sources used. 


  • Clearly summarizes the Healthy People 2030 topic and chosen objective 

  • Lists key points of articles and connects to HP2030 objective 

  • Includes a conclusion paragraph detailing how this research can be used in a health promotion teaching activity that connects to the HP2030 objective.  

  • Cohesive writing demonstrates an understanding of the assignment.