Venus Mobile (Venus) Case

2.1 Introduction The assessment this term uses a case study derived from the Cesim Global Challenge. The situation and data presented in the case is based on the final results for Round 6 of a previous game played. All of the data that you require to complete your answer is available either in this document or the accompanying results spread sheet. Note that some additional information regarding the market and industry is included in the case study that is not provided in the simulation you experienced. 2.2 The case study situation Venus Mobile (Venus) has performed very badly over the last two years and you have been appointed as a strategic advisor to the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Your brief from the CEO requires you to recommend a strategy for Venus. You will find the full case study in Appendix A. The new CEO has set out a very clear vision, mission, and values for Venus to help guide your strategic planning: • The vision is of a connected world where every adult on the planet has a mobile phone • The company’s mission is to provide mobile phones to the many not the few; great functionality at extraordinary prices based on a deep understanding of the global market place and the needs of mobile phone users • Values – Venus’ values are as follows: to be respectful of all our stakeholders, dedicated to the interests of our shareholders and transparent in what we do. 2.3 Your Task Your task is to write a business report for the CEO setting out your analysis of the situation and making strategic recommendations. In addition, you have to create a Stakeholder Summary. 2.4 Stakeholder Summary (500 words)  You have a choice for the Stakeholder Summary of either option 1 or option 2: • Option 1 – You should provide a Stakeholder summary that is based on the Venus case study and forms an integrated part of your case study solution. It should summarise the impact of your recommended strategy on the key stakeholders. • OR Option 2 – You should analyse the power and influence of the stakeholders of a company of your choice. You must seek approval of your choice from your Tutor OR you can choose ONE of the following suggestions: o Harley Davidson o Toyota o Tata Motors o Starbucks 2.5 Structure of Your Business Report Your report should be structured as follows: • Part 1 (3,500 words) o Introduction o External analysis of Venus o Internal analysis of Venus o SWOT analysis for Venus o Strategic options evaluation o Strategic recommendations – Global, Business, Marketing, Manufacturing. • Part 2 (500 words) o Stakeholder summary • References • Appendices. 2.6 Guidance on writing your report You are required to use academic writing for your report. You should use appropriate theory, frameworks and models to support your analysis and evaluation, correctly referenced using Harvard Referencing. Your primary source should be the University library, which also provides quick and easy citations for your reading. When citing your sources it is important that you provide the URL of online sources and page numbers for reference texts e.g.: • Hill, C., Schilling, M. and Jones, G. (2014). Strategic management; Theory and Cases. An Integrated Approach. 11th ed. London: Cengage Learning, pp.23-25 • Dobbs, M (2014) “Guidelines for applying Porter’s five forces framework: a set of industry analysis templates”, Competitiveness Review, Vol. 24 Issue: 1, pp.32-45, [Accessed 12 September 2017].

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