For this assignment, submit a 5- to 7-minute video in which you present and explain your complete PowerPoint presentation.

Recording, Uploading, and Submitting

Videos can be recorded using any software or tool, but all videos are required to be uploaded to My Panopto Videos for assignment submission.

You can also use the Panopto Desktop Recording tool to create your video.

Click here (Links to an external site.) for detailed Panopto instructions.

In your video, describe the organization you chose and the project you conducted in detail. Include the following PowerPoint slides:

Title slide (1 slide)
Introduction to the chosen organization (1-2 slides)
The location, size, mission statement, and typical projects/programs of the organization you chose.
Your contact at the chosen organization (2-4 slides)
Provide his or her initials, title, role, and responsibilities, as well as a description and discussion of your meetings/conversations with your contact.
Detailed information on the project completed for the organization (3-5 slides)
The five (5) foundational competencies you have chosen (5 slides)
Explain how the chosen foundational competencies are related to your project.
A slide in which you list any references you use in APA format (1 slide)
Video Presentation Guidelines

When submitting a video presentation online, it is important to follow certain guidelines in order to create strong and professional work.

Choose your background: This is a professional environment. An office setting/table is appropriate. A couch or bed is not.
Look the part: Wear professional attire for the circumstance. Remember you are presenting to an academic audience.

Include visual aids: Reinforce your presentation with graphs, pictures and/or a brief power point to keep the presentation interesting and to support your findings.

Prepare in advance: Rehearse a few times before your record. Place notes attached to the computer screen – not beside it. Maintain eye contact and use appropriate gestures to keep your audience captivated.

Organize your work: Plan your presentation and structure it in a clear and logical manner. Use professional language and quote scholarly work when indicated. Make sure you cite your references if you do.