Virtual Field Trip

Virtual Field Trip – Evaluating Websites and Community Health
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Part 1

Find a website that provides health care information.
Post the title of the website and the URL (address containing https://www. etc.).
Summarize the website by writing an annotated bibliography. Consult Purdue OWL (Links to an external site.) for help.
Explain how credible and reliable the information is on the site for a patient and why. How do you know?
How does your website compare to Medscape?
Please avoid duplication of websites.

Part 2

Describe what a Community Health Promotion is in your own words.

Part 3

Use the web to find a Community Health Promotion in your own community. Answer the following questions:

What type of Health Promotion is it and what is the name of Health Promotion? (Provide a web-link if possible)
Who is the target population that would benefit from the type of Health Promotion?
What is the mission of this group? If not stated, what do you think the mission is?
Would you refer patients, friends, colleagues, or family members to this group? Why or why not?