Basically the task is to visit art museums online and choose a art piece/sculpture to talk about. Preferably I want to use Japanese art, specifically the Ukiyo-E or The Great Wave off Kanagawa, if you can find them in any of the online museums.

I linked the different museums you can use down below including the directions for the paper and what to cover.
Use as much sources as you need but not too much.

You will decide on a museum to either visit in person or virtually. When you are “visiting” the exhibition select any painting, drawing, photograph, print or sculpture on display and answer all of the following questions in 2 pages typed, 1.5 spaced essay. Choose another artwork if you do not think you can write enough about your first choice.

Each bullet point should be a paragraph. Paragraphs are 5-8 sentences.

-Intro including the name of the museum and exhibit that you visited.
-Name of Artist, Title or Artwork (ARTWORK TITLES ARE IN ITALICS), Date of Artwork.
-What is the movement?
-Why did you choose this artwork to discuss? (Subjective response required) Why do you think the museum and scholarly community consider this artwork important? (Objective response)
-What is the media? Is it sculpture, a painting, a print, and specifically, what kind. Looking over ch. 3 in your text may be helpful in understanding the media.
-What is the cultural relevance of the work in relation to the movement and culture at that time? Speak about cultural context, content, and subject matter.
-Conclusion which is a wrap-up of your paper, but not just a recap.