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Voices of the Métis: Envision the Future.  There is my research paper you can use as reference, and I need a 100 page abstract. Thank you PROJECT OUTLINE: Envision the Future Research a Métis historical Figure/Story/Allegory/Poem etc. and re-envision your findings in a context that informs and educates how or what this figure/story/allegory etc. might inform the future. The final output must reference your research paper assignment and demonstrate your understanding of Métis knowledge, culture, heritage, and society. The deliverable must be in a format that tells a story where, “if you were not present” it would be self-explanatory. The purpose of the assignments is to give you a chance to apply an idea (or more) which has come up in class discussion to generate something of interest to you. You are therefore not only free to, but even encouraged to come up with your own topic with the only restrictions being that it be somehow related to the Métis and built upon a topic we’ve discussed. The subject/topic you choose should communicate your proposed idea in a medium that requires approximately 5 minutes to communicate your output. YOUR METHOD OF DELIVERY MUST BE APPROVED BY THE INSTRUCTOR PROCESS: This assignment builds upon and relates to your final research paper. Mine your research paper and use it as a framework to help inform your imagined future. Research new materials Get acquainted with the new source material. Some sample questions to ask yourself are: How does your idea inform the future of art and design practices? How might we apply this knowledge? Submit a one paragraph proposal outline of your intended project for approval by the instructor. Ideate in processes and mediums that you are familiar with. Write a script/storyboard etc

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