The assignment describes Warming Her Pearls Review. Also, there is a description of Carol Ann Duffy’s Essay. So,  you should attach a photocopy or typed transcript of the poem analysed.

Warming Her Pearls Review – Carol Ann Duffy’s Essay

Firstly, an essay analysing the theme, language, and form of a post-1945 poem in English. Secondly, discussed with some reference to the general context of post-1945 poetry. A copy of the poem, xeroxed or typed up, must attached. Advice on Presentation of Essay. Also, advice on Presentation of your Assessed Portfolio Essays

1. Appendices

For the single-poem analysis essay, you should attach a photocopy or typed transcript of the poem analysed. Any transcript should double-checked for transcription errors, so a photocopy will be safer in that respect. This appendix excluded from the word-count. It is not necessary to provide copies of poems for the other essays, although if you discuss little-known poems that are not in the course anthologies or handouts, this may still be helpful.

Warming Her Pearls Review – Carol Ann Duffy’s Essay

2. Format

The main text of your essay should be double-spaced, with adequate margins. Indented quotations in prose or verse, however, should be single-spaced. Such indented quotations should not be centred but tabbed-in to a consistent inner left margin. Indented quotations should not be enclosed within inverted commas: the indentation already indicates that this is quoted material, so inverted commas are redundant in such cases – in fact worse than redundant, because they suggest that the inverted commas belong to the source-material quoted. In verse quotations, the poet’s original lineation should be respected, including any peculiarities of indentation or spacing.

Warming Her Pearls Review – Carol Ann Duffy’s Essay

With the exception of short quoted phrases of less than a line, verse should always be quoted in its original lineation, not run on in prose form. If you quote a short phrase from a poem, this goes within inverted commas as with a prose quotation; and if the phrase runs over a line-break, this line-break should be indicated by a virgule ( | ) or slash ( / )

Detailed Instructions


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