Prepare the data collection procedures for your survey. Provide sufficient detail such that someone else could use your plan to execute the data collection.

 For a self-administered survey (such as a mailed, e-mailed, or Web-based one), indicate at least the following:

1. The approximate schedule for each wave of distribution (the initial one and the follow-ups);

2. All the survey materials that will be given to potential respondents;

3. The number of people in the initial sample and the number who are expected to need each follow-up;

4. Procedures for logging in and storing the responses; and

5. Based on (1-4) and any incentives specified in Assignment 2, the estimated cost of the survey data collection.

 Alternatively, for in-person and telephone interviews, indicate at least the following:

1. The sample size, number of interviewers involved, estimated time to complete each interview (presuming some people won’t always be reached or available when first contacted), and approximate period over which the interviews will be conducted;

2. The contact procedures to schedule interviews including the form (e.g., email, phone call), number of, and timing of contacts;

3. The procedural guidelines to be followed by the interviewer(s), training to be provided to them, and the procedures to be used to monitor their performance;

4. Procedures for collecting the data (e.g., audio recording, notes) and for logging in and storing the responses; and

5. Based on (1-3) and any incentives specified in Assignment 1, the estimated cost of the interview data collection.

Regardless of the mode of data collection, identify ethical concerns in your planned survey and explain how you will deal with them. Particularly address protection of human participants, including trauma that might be caused by responding to the survey and harm that might be caused if information provided with assurances of anonymity/confidentiality might become publicly revealed. If you promise anonymity/confidentiality, indicate the measures you will take to fulfill the promise. If you will use copyrighted materials verbatim, discuss measures you will take to avoid copyright infringement.

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