The assignment discusses Webography Weapons of Mass Destruction. Also, there is a description of Homeland Security/Defense websites. So, prepare and submit an annotated Webography.

Webography Weapons of Mass Destruction-Homeland Security/Defense websites

Webography Weapons of Mass Destruction. Assignment Instructions You will prepare and submit an annotated Webography outlining seven (7) Homeland Security/Defense websites. Attached are the following documents to assist you in being set up for success for this assignment: Firstly, document titled “What is a Webography?”. Secondly, generic Webography example titled “Webography. Also, Example” that will give you a good overview of what a complete Webography looks like. Thirdly, template example titled “Webography WMD. Fourthly, example” that will give you a glimpse to the start of what yours should look like. Note: these sites are not relevant to the websites you will choose.

Webography Weapons of Mass Destruction-Homeland Security/Defense websites

4. Grading Rubric 5. A Webograph template to use to complete this assignment. Additional Guidance/Tips: The websites may be federal, state, local, commercial, or private. Do not pick all federal government cites. Change it up providing various perspectives of the issues. Do not forget that you are reviewing website – do not pick documents on a website, that will not meet the intent of the assignment. Catch the reader’s attention with dynamic photos (don’t forget to cite under them to give credit if they are not from the specific website you are reviewing.

Webography Weapons of Mass Destruction-Homeland Security/Defense websites

For example, on the cover page, you might use a picture you randomly found on the internet — make sure you cite to give credit where you got the picture). When you use pictures in your document, don’t forget to compress them (this is an option under “Picture Tools” and select “Compress Pictures” and uncheck “Apply only to this picture” in order to compress all the pictures in your document. Also select “E-mail (96ppi)” for best way to upload your work (note the steps may be different depending on what version of Word you are using).

Detailed Instructions


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