Each week your answer to the assessment exercises will build into your final graded report. Add your answer from this week to your answer to last week, and continue to build your report each week as you progress with your study of the module. You may use your organisation or your community as the focus but you should be consistent throughout the report.

Answer ONE of the following questions:

Based on your study of readings linked from the TRP for this week, answer either question 1 or question 2:

  1. Critically analyse why organisations are seen as both part of the problem, and part of the solution, in addressing biodiversity loss


  1. Critically analyse approaches to address the urgency of biodiversity loss as part of responsible business activities

Use the template below and transfer your work directly into your final assessment report. Use the SDG title and question as the heading for the work.


  • Critical analysis of the issue (400 words)

Think about what is relevant to your organisation / community / supply chain to help you focus your answer, but write the critical analysis in the third person, as a 400-word critical literature review based on in depth use of selected readings from this week’s TRP.  You should show what is important to you by how you use your references rather than expressing your own opinion directly. We are looking for depth of understanding. We recommend four TRP readings as a minimum.

Thinking about what can go wrong (for example when marine / water environments are polluted or forests are destroyed), as well as the best practice you have learned through your study can help you think through your answer.



  • Current Status

How does your organisation currently respond to this issue? (75 words)


  • Recommendations

Use extended bullet points to outline your top three recommendations for your organisation. Based on your learning this week, what could your organisation do to improve its practice? Your recommendations should include specific actions, and be referenced to specific ideas from your learning. Try to include positive ideas for change rather than just doing less harm. You should reference the specific source of your ideas from the learning (150 words in total)