Week 4 Family Financial Plan Part IV

Using the family scenario in Weeks One (1)-Three (3), create an investment strategy for the family.
Imagine that your family has $5,000 saved for retirement in a 401 (K) plan from work since this is the reality for many younger Americans.
Be sure that your investment plan includes the following components: The plan should be in a three (3) paragraph essay format and include the following sections:
Investment readiness (introduction paragraph). Explain the family’s current readiness for investing and saving for retirement. You may include specific numbers regarding debt and how long you think it will take them realistically to get out of debt.
Investment strategy. Determine what you think would be the best diversification strategy for the family. A pie chart is required to show what you have in mind for the types of investments and percentage for each.
Investment recommendations (conclusion paragraph). Provide recommendations for a timeline to begin investing.