Jaclyn Maria Fowler

Dr. Jackie

English 101

30 May 2022

Week 5 Assignment Example

Writing the Introduction

Despite not having had any new songs to market for decades, the Beatles continue to sell music. In fact, in 2019 alone, they made approximately $67 million dollars in royalties (Sager para. 28) and, to date, have sold trillions of copies of their songs (Davies xi). Their longevity in the music business makes them one of the most loved groups of all time, and their impact on the music industry has been profound. In fact, many artists—stretching from the 1960s to the present—credit the Beatles with the formation of their own styles. Generations of artists, then, have looked to the Fab Four as mentors in the music industry while fans—old and new—continue to breathe life into the group’s fame. It is for these reasons and others that the Beatles impacted the future of rock and roll with their iconic looks, their timeless lyrics and music, and their influence on young rockers.