Jaclyn Maria Fowler

Dr. Jackie

English 101

6 June 2022

Week 6 Assignment Example

Writing the Conclusion

Thesis statement:

The Beatles impacted the future of rock and roll because of their iconic looks, their timeless lyrics and music, and the way they mentored younger rockers.

Although their last studio album was produced in 1970, the Beatles continue to impact the world of rock and roll. In fact, more than a half century after they broke up, the Beatles continue to sell their products and rake in millions in royalties each year (Sager para. 8). Although part of the allure was the emblematic hairstyle and dress that wowed American audiences in the 1960s, it is the appeal of their music that has resonated with audiences for almost sixty years now. The lyrics seem as fresh today as ever while the musical composition shows a complexity that melds the gifts of each of the four group members. It is the music, after all, that has resulted in generations of young musicians imitating the Fab Four. Because of the agelessness of their music and the power it has to be reinvented by new performers, the Beatles will continue to influence the world of music for generations to come.