1.        Use the MIFA website to fill out the following chart. 

2.  What are the changes if any, to rules or performing Forensic events on the High school and Middle School level for 2022? 

Use your class notes, readings in addition to the MIFA site to help with this question following questions.  (especially “Forensic Tournament Overview”) USE WHAT YOU SEE ON MIFA TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS

3.  In general, how does Forensics tournament work? 

4.  What is the schedule of an average HS/MS Forensics meet? 

5.  How does a MIFA round function?  Describe the procedure.  

6.  What is the role of a judge at a tournament?

7.  How do I become a judge for MIFA? 

8.  Use the NSDA website to fill out the following chart.

9.  What is MIFA’s Original Contest?  What are the events that you can compete in?

General searching.  Make sure you cite sources.

10.  What other High School or Middle School Forensics organizations exist in the state and on a National Level? 

11.  Where can I access videos of High School/Middle School Forensics?

12.  Locate three additional strong Forensics (IE, Speech team) sources from the Internet. For each, give the title of the resource/organization, the web address and a short list of what they offer that would be valuable to you.

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