What are the four stages of the product life cycle? Smartcards and computer tablets would be examples of what stage of the production life cycle?


 Consolidated Industries sells many medical products. They have recently purchased another company that manufactures medical creams–Xycame, Osymine, and Glixon. Consolidated Industries plans on producing these creams at the acquired company’s facility, but they believe that they can increase the demand with better marketing. The facility that produces these creams operates on one 8-hr shift a day for 310 days each year. The estimated annual demand and the productivity of the packaging machine are given below.

Xycame Osymine Glixon

Demand 3,000,000 3,500,000 7,500,000

Minutes/Unit/ Machine  0.040 0.035 0.030


How many packaging machines would be required to meet the annual demand for Xycame?


. Universal Exports, Ltd. has its executives travel extensively around the world. They are reviewing their travel contracts. They wish to enter into an exclusive arrangement with one airline. They have conducted a review and produced the following analysis.


 United  Hainan Nippon

Criteria Weight Airlines JAL Airlines Airlines

On Time 4 8 10 7 9

Cost 5 7 6 10 6

Frequent Flyer Program 4 9 7 6 8

Number of Routes 2 10 7 5 7

Available Communication Options 3 7 8 6 9

Amenities  1 6 8 4 9


What would be the score for United Airlines?


. Hasgood Industries has just received a major long-term contract. They need to expand the production capabilities particularly in stamping out large parts. They gathered information on four hydraulic presses that would perform this task. The product will be sold at $100 per unit. Information on the cost of the four possible hydraulic presses are presented below.


Raster Jacobs Matsuki Helgard

Fixed Costs  $90,000   $120,000   $145,000   $160,000  

Variable Costs  $40   $38   $35   $31  


Assuming a production run of 10,000 units, what would be the break-even point for the use of the Raster machine?  


. A PERT analysis of a project determined that the mean duration of the critical care was 70.5 weeks and the critical path had a standard deviation of 3 weeks. 

What is the probability the project will be completed within 75 weeks?



. The new president of Miskatonic University has decided on building a pool. She sat down with the contractor and together they determined what activities would have to occur, their precedence relationships, and estimated durations (in weeks). However, after a review it appeared that construction would interfere with the start of the Fall semester. Miskatonic asked the contractor to present time and cost estimates for crashing the project. The data are listed below.


Activity Predecessor Normal Time Crash Time Normal Cost/Week Crash Cost/Week

A — 6 4 $200 $450

B A 3 1 $350 $600  

C A 9 6 $450 $800

D A 10 8 $800 $1,100

E B 4 2 $750 $1,250

F B 2 1 $900 $2,000

G C 12 9 $875 $1,750

H D 3 2 $500 $900

I F, G 14 10 $375 $600

J E, I, H 4 3 $600 $1,000


What is the critical path for this project?

What activity has the greatest weekly cost for crashing?