Research questions are a critical component in the doctoral research process.  Research questions stem directly from the problem statement and are broad questions that should state the specific issue or problem begin addressed in the study.  Research questions also guide the choice in methodology.  Research questions are the questions that researchers seek to answer by addressing the specific components within the problem statement and should not be confused with interview questions. Interview or survey questions are directed at the participant to obtain information in the data collection process.  To fully address the problem being studied, it is essential to have good research questions and good interview or survey questions.

After reviewing the Reading for this module and the white paper on Effective Problem Statements and Research Questions, address the following questions:

.What are the qualities and characteristics of a good research question?


.Describe what makes a research question effective.


Identify what can make a research question weak and why?


.Explain how a researcher can develop a robust set of research questions?


.What are the qualities and characteristics of good interview or survey questions?