Discuss how this task/s link to the general capabilities  

What Assessment Design Criteria are students working towards by undertaking the task/s within this resource. Critique how completing the task will allow them to achieve the specific ADC to a high standard? (consult the performance standards)

How have you adapted or created this task/s to be suitable for senior school and allow them to do things like critique, judge, select, formulate, design, interpret, examine, etc to a high standard? (consider Bloom’s taxonomy)

1. What do criminologist know about the problem already?  

Who experiences the problem?

How much of a problem is it?

What causes this problem?

How does the CJ system deal with it?

Where is their agreement or disagreement about these things?

. What do criminologists know about solutions to the problem?

What have other countries done to try to solve it?

Where has there been some success is solving it?

Where has their been failure in solving it?

Where is there agreement or disagreement about these things?

• What is their business model?

• Who are their customers?

• Who are their competitors?