In, “What Do the Media Do to Us? Media and Society”, O’Shaughnessy and Stadler propose the following claims:

  1. “There is an ecological crisis of global warming, pollution, and diminishing natural resources.
  2. There is a political crisis in term of power struggles fuelled by ethnic, national, and religious differences, as well as social inequalities; these may fragment individual societies…, or be found globally as in the so-called war against terrorism.
  3. There is an economic crisis of growth, consumption, and production. This crisis is, of course, linked to ecological and political power issues” (O’Shaughnessy and Stadler 32).

choose one main argument the authors offer and create a mind map — like the group clustering example on p. 37 of Writing By Choice, for example — tracing this argument in the text (for example, you could create a visual representation of the “reflect” discussion, or the “affect” discussion of media influence; you could trace one of the examples and the analysis the authors offer on that example, like media coverage of the US invasion of Iraq or the visual advertisements they present and discuss; you could represent the “SEARCH” model of exploring assumptions or bias in various articulations of the world; etc.). The choice is up to you — the point is to find and trace one major claim or point the authors make and to represent this in a mind map.

As you actively read this text, take note of the ideas, key terms, and argumentative stance(s) the authors use, so you can generate a word cloud of terms and ideas central to the claim you’ve chosen, then use these create a visual representation of this “cluster” of ideas.

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