Cultural policy research essay proposal instructions The research proposal is worth 10% and should be 250 words. Choose one of cultural policy from my slides and must read my slides. Slides are really important. Must have clear argument/statement, specific case and theoretical frameworks in this proposal


For your research essay, you may choose any topic relevant to cultural policy that interests you. You may also study any cultural context or time period. Your essay must draw upon relevant scholarly literature in the area you choose to research. The proposal should explicitly state the goals and aims of your research essay.


Your proposal should make clear the scope of the analysis you intend to offer in your essay: 1.What will you be analyzing and how?

2.What do you hope to find out in the course of your research? 

.What theoretical frameworks might you be using?

4.What debates are you seeking to engage with?  

5.What will your primary material be? 

(i.e. what will you be analyzing – a particular policy document from a local government, for example?)

6.What will your key secondary sources be? (

who are some of the scholars that will be help you make your argument?) 

Your proposal should tentatively propose the argument you are intending to make in your research essay.


We say ‘tentative’ as this may change as you conduct your research. The proposal should include relevant references