How does Albert Camus’s novel, The Plague, present an existentialist critique of the modern human condition in the 20th century through allegories of the pandemic?

 What does the plague reveal about the limitations, breakdowns, oversights, and delays in modern “enlightened” society? 

As a follow-up to this question, what kind of narrative style does Camus advocate in order to genuinely make sense of “the plague”?

Your answers should reflect a coherent and organized structure. You are expected to have an introductory thesis statement, developing paragraphs (that include your supporting points and examples), and a conclusion paragraph.

Make sure to give specific examples, quotes, and details from the texts. Remember also to indicate the page number(s) from which you quote in parenthesis.

Your grade for the paper will be based on the following elements (for further explanation of the grading rubric see the syllabus):

   —      clarity of argument

   —    clarity of writing

   —    the quality of understanding

   —    grasp of the issue

—    clear format: thesis statement, supporting ideas and evidence,             conclusion

Use the bibliography that I shared with you for correct referencing of the sources.

This assignment aims to foster close reading and analytical skills. Therefore, you must not conduct any outside research for your essay