Look closely at your news story and its publication/website and answer the following questions:



What does the publication/website name tell you about the intended audience?

 (For example, The Washington Post is intended in part for people living or interested in Washington, D.C.)





.What does the text of the story tell you about the intended audience? (For example, difficult vocabulary or unusual terms might indicate that an article is intended for a well-educated audience.)





.What does the other content on the publication/website tell you about the intended audience? (For example, is there a theme in the stories they publish? Do they often write about specific groups or interests?)





Based on your answers above, describe the type or types of individuals that make up the audience for this story:





.Do you think the intended audience shaped the content of this story?  In other words, did the writer or publisher change, omit or twist anything in the story to appeal to a certain group?  YES / NO





E.S.C.A.P.E. Junk News


P → Purpose

Why was this made?





Look for the following possible purposes in your news story and explain why you think each one is or is not applicable.


.Was this story made to educate or inform people about an event/issue?  (Possible clues: detailed facts and clear sources, complete information about the topic)  YES / NO






Was this story made to earn money for the author or publisher?  (Possible clues: ads around the story, appeals for money/support)  YES / NO






.Was this story made to influence how someone feels about this event/issue?  (Possible clues: labeled as opinion or perspective, highly emotional language that “tugs the heartstrings,” extreme praise or criticism for key individuals or groups involved in the event or issue)  YES / NO






Of the three purposes listed above, which do you think is the main purpose of this story, and why? (Or, if you think the purpose is something other than the three listed above, explain.)




Based on your answers above about this story’s purpose, do you think the story is credible?  YES / NO