Write a paragraph for each question


1)  Write a little about your experience with your major.  How far along are you? 

What drew you to this major?  What have you found most interesting?

  What have you found most challenging or frustrating?

  How much do you know about research and writing in your field?  What topics would you like to learn more about?  


(i’m a finance major and i’m a junior so im three years in)


2)  Respond to “Replacing the Average in Higher Education” from The End of Average by Todd Rose. 

 Which of the problems that Rose points out have you observed or experienced first hand?  Discuss at least one of the three solutions Rose proposes and whether or not you think it is feasible in your field.


(screenshots of reading attached)



3)  How are your interests and experiences different from those of your classmates or others in your major?

  What hopes and concerns do you have about the research and writing you will do in this class?


(My interests are a bit different from other finance majors, because when you think of finance you think of Wall street and men(since its extremely male dominated) and im a girl who likes doing her makeup and getting her nails done and girly things which doesnt sound so much finance.)