Q1.  What economic worldview do structuralists follow?  That is, what kind of international economic policy do they choose?  How does this policy relate to structuralism?



Q2.  What should a German company such as Volkswagen do to maximize its worldwide profits and ability to compete, given that China is its largest market today?  What are the key challenges to VW because they operate in China, and how can they manage these challenges?



Q3.  What different economic policies would you expect from a more embedded liberalist government (perhaps more Keynesian) in the US, for example under Joe Biden, versus a more neo-liberalist government, for example under either George Bush?


Q4.  What was the goal of mercantilists such as the British parliament in the 19th century when they passed the Corn Laws, or in the 18th century when they passed the Navigation Acts?  Was either one a helpful international economic policy and why?


Q5.  Who are 3 of the main proponents of the Mercantilist view in the IPE literature, and what are their specific perspectives?   


Q6.   What was Dani Rodrik’s view in his article about Populism and the Economics of

Globalization?  What did he conclude from his analysis?

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