Brief description of the issue or issues presented in the article (1 slide).

 a. Do not use the author(s) name (this will be provided on the References slide) 

. Do not include the article title (this is done on the title slide) 

3. Identify key stakeholders (e.g., nurses such as RNs, NPs, advocacy organizations such as NYSNA, AMA, particular groups, etc.) who may have proposed the issue, may be affected by the issue, or proposed a specific policy (1 slide). a. Must be specific – the public and the government are too broad 

b. Who is the intended audience? 

4. Briefly analyzed the article by answering the following questions (2-3 slides):

 a. What point is the author(s) making? 

b. What evidence is presented that supports their point of view (facts provided in the article) 

c. Does this issue affect the work you currently do? i. If yes, how so? ii. If no, why not?

 d. How does this issue affect your patients? i. If yes, how so