What explains the directionality of flows in health care?

What explains the directionality of flows in health care? Patients, health workers, managerial practices? What are the five segments of patients who are willing to travel across borders to obtain health care? Are there other patient segments beside these five? Why is there growing rivalry for inbound international patients? Under what conditions should a hospital invest in plant and equipment to attract international patients? What explains the global price differential among hospitals?

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The directionality of flows in healthcare is significantly influenced by globalization. Increased connectedness has influenced the interdependence of the human community at the international levels. One of the aspects that determine the directionality of flows includes managerial practices. Improved telecommunications technology has influenced shared managerial practices and policy instruments to influence decisions and actions observed in healthcare. The five segments willing to travel across borders for health care includes patients from countries with high GDP, patients from nations with long waits, patients seeking elective procedures abroad in cases where health insurance fails to cover them and medical tourists(Okpala, 2014). Patients seek medical care in other countries based on their consideration of such countries as the best globally as in the case of the United States…

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