Week 1 Assignment 1: ERM Paper

This is week one, where we are just starting to get into Enterprise Risk Management, so for this assignment, you will relate back to the videos and reading for this week.  Please write a paper which describes:

What is ERM, and how does it relate to the The danger of avalanches video?


What are some general risks which could happen, large and small?


What is venture risk of the participants in the Risk Management video with Chris Davenport? If so what are they?


Is there any risk for the community regarding the video? If so what are they?


What does MEAT mean in terms of this video?


If today in 2021 such an event would happen, who would pick up the cost of such an event? Who would be liable and why?


What are some vocabulary which you hear in the videos for week one and how do you define them?

Paper Needs to:

 APA Formatted

o be 2-4 pages long

o have at least 2 outside sources resources related to ERM, cannot be course readings or articles.