. Think about how the individual probably experienced his/her own leadership as well as how those around the individual portrayed him/her. Was there drama in this story? 

Why did you find this person compelling enough to study? 

The assignment is expected to be a culminating work that demonstrates rigor and exceptional thinking. 


This assignment will allow you to explore the life of a leader who has demonstrated leadership strengths and skills.
Your 4 to 5 page paper should include the following:
• A brief history of this person’s life and the reason for choosing him/her.
• What the leader has accomplished in his/her lifetime
• What is his/her leadership style and philosophy
• What has been the impact of this person’s leadership
• What are the specific strengths and skills you see in this leader
• What have you learned from this leader’s life and how will what you have learned impact your own leadership
1. The assignment should be typed, single-sided, margins 1” for top and bottom, and 1.25” for sides. Number the pages. Staple or clip; do not use a plastic cover.
2. You should include a bibliography using the Harvard referencing system. 
3. The minimum page count requirement for this assignment is four pages; this does not include the cover page or the references page. 
4. Please remember: Grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and word usage always count! 
Marking Criteria 
• The assignment covers the main areas as specified but lacks detail and thoroughness.
• Presentation of material acceptable but may display weakness in the way in which it is communicated.
• Assignment deadline has been met.

• As for a pass but with more detailed and analytical responses.
• Demonstration of a detailed analysis of information requirements displaying the ability to practically apply the information collected.
• Content is presented in a logical and accurate manner.