. [10 points] Read “Nations Aim to Secure Supply Chains by Turning Offshoring Into ‘Friend-Shoring’;


U.S. officials and allies around the world are looking to establish friendly supply routes for key


goods amid a war and global pandemic” article. Summarize the article explaining what “friendshoring” is (100-300 words). (Note: Clicking the above link will take you to the pay-walled WSJ


article. But, it is available for ASU students for free. Go to the Library Services website of ASU


(Administration → Academic Affairs → Library Services). Then go to Galileo Scholar page. Select


ProQuest Central. Search for the article name.).


 [10 points] The average work-in-process inventory for SKU KL334523 in a warehouse is 850 parts.


The warehouse ships 225 units of SKU KL334523 per day. What is the average time this SKU spends


in this warehouse? (Use Little’s law).