A Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital is currently experiencing a

number of issues surrounding wheelchair usage, including an

inadequate method for managing wheelchair flow processes for both

inpatients and outpatients, a lack of immediate availability of

wheelchairs to meet demand, the absence of adequate internal

controls to deter wheelchair theft, and no internal staff members or

system in place to track wheelchair usage. A list of activities in the

current process is provided in 

Activity Average Time


Patient parks in parking lot/valet parks 4

Patient enters building 8

Patient locates wheelchair 8

Patient proceeds to site of appointment 10

Patient receives treatment 60

Patient leaves building 10

Wheelchair left in parking lot 120

Grounds crew inspects lot for wheelchairs 30

Grounds crew loads wheelchairs 3

Grounds crew returns wheelchairs to



Total time 283

. To evaluate the current wheelchair process model for unnecessary

delays, bottlenecks, and process steps, create a flow process

chart for the flow of wheelchairs at the VA hospital.

After reviewing the current wheelchair process, an operations

analyst has proposed a sign-in system at the facility’s entrance to

help manage wheelchair flow. In the proposed model, instead of

the patient locating a wheelchair, he or she would proceed to the

front entrance and sign out a wheelchair (this step is estimated to

take two minutes). Next, the patient would proceed to the site of

the appointment. Once the appointment is completed, the patient

returns to the front entrance (ten minutes). The patient is then

wheeled to the car by the valet (eight minutes). The valet then

returns the wheelchair to the front entrance (eight minutes), and

then a volunteer records receipt of the wheelchair (one minute).

 Create a revised flow process chart that reflects implementation of

the proposed sign-in process.


. What is the expected reduction in lead time with the

implementation of the sign-in process?


. Do you have any concerns about the proposed sign-in process? If

so, outline any potential delays or bottlenecks that may be of

concern for this solution.