Explain the tension between proponents of clean air regulation and their political opponents. What is the main source of contention with respect to governmental policies?

Who is Bob Murray? What do you think he means when he says ”We won”? Who won? What precisely did they win?


What role does the political action committee Americans for Prosperity (AFP) play within the debate over environmental regulation? What type of policy outcomes do they hope to produce through their actions?

What role does the coal industry play in terms of American politics and environmental regulation?

How might economic imperatives shape public opinion with respect to climate change in a state like Oklahoma? Who is Scott Pruitt and under what circumstances was he able to win the election for Attorney General in Oklahoma? What is RAGA? Explain their strategy for dealing with EPA regulations and environmental protections.

What was the Clean Power Plan? What interests were for it and against it? What was their rationale? What was the Paris Agreement? Explain its significance in terms of national and international politics.

Why was Scott Pruitt a controversial pick to head the EPA? What is significant about his appointment?

Provide your assessment of the influence special interest groups had on the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.