Find an example of a fake news story that went viral. Please do not use stories from well-known satirical sites such as The Onion, or mainstream media sites that may have contained inadvertent factual errors or typos. To qualify, the story should have gone viral online with at least 5,000 posts.

Answer the following questions:

What is the nature of the story, and who or what organization originally posted it? What was false about the story?

How far did the story get (was it reposted on social media)? Do a Google search to find out.

Using the resources presented in Lesson 1.2b: Social Media Takes on Mass Media, describe what clues should make someone suspicious about this story.

What would the motivations be for creating this story? What was the author trying to accomplish?

What should technology companies do to prevent fake news from spreading online? Is it the consumer’s responsibility or the tech company?

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