write 4 entries; mark 1 entry “X” for feedback. My research question is that What aspects need to be incorporated into the management of cultural institutions to cushion museums from excessive financial loss during pandemics?. I attached ab formatting template so please read careful and write it. One of the first steps in research is to create an annotated bibliography (AB). Compiling an AB entails critical engagement with prospective source material in order to refine and answer your research question(s).  Scholarly, secondary sources include things like book chapters, selections from an anthology or edited volume, journal articles, and/or criticisms and reviews published by credible publishers and/or
authors. Consult your AWR text for help determining a source’s credibility. NOTE: AB source entries for books should focus on no more than one chapter of a book.

An annotated bibliography is a specific genre that, for our purposes, will include a 2016 MLA Style works cited entry for each source, followed by a three-paragraph annotation:

•In the first paragraph of each entry, analyze (125-150 words) the argument by briefly indicating the source’s focused topic and identifying the author’s claim, reasons/sub-claims, types of evidence used, and warrants. NOTE: avoid direct quotations; your analysis should be in your own words.

•In the second paragraph of each entry, assess (100-125 words) source contexts by indicating how each source fits into the academic discussion surrounding an issue/topic.

 What is the purpose/intention of the source and what are its limitations? Who is the intended audience?

 What does the source’s publication data (publisher, media, date, authorship) tell you about its scholarly context and credibility? 
•In the third paragraph, reflect (100-125 words) on how the source has shaped your approach to your topic. 

What role will the source play in your potential argument? What are some key

relationships between texts that have a bearing on your project? NOTE: you must put each source in conversation with other SPECIFIC sources in every entry—how do they build off of each other, challenge each other, complicate each other, etcetera?
Keep in mind that you need to:
•Use MLA 8th edition (2016) citation style, including 1 inch margins and Times New Roman 12-point
font. Please double-space MLA entries and single-space AB paragraph content. Refer to the formatting template that I attached.
•Alphabetize and number your entries 1-8. Include word counts at the end of each paragraph.