1.Select a case from Public Health Ethics: Cases Spanning the Globe (referenced below).  

2.Use the three-step approach outlined in Section 1.6 (page 28) of Public Health Ethics: Cases Spanning the Globe (referenced below) to analyze the case.  

3.Step I: Analyze the ethical dimensions of the public health issue and context.

0.What are the risks, harms, or concerns?  

1.What are the appropriate public health goals in this context?

2.What is the scope and legitimacy of legal authority, and which laws and regulations apply?

3.What are the moral norms and claims of stakeholders; and how strong are they?

4.Are precedent legal or ethical cases relevant for identifying the presumptive moral norms?

5.Which features of the social-cultural-historical context apply?

6.Do professional codes of ethics provide guidance?

4.Step II: Formulate alternative courses of action and evaluate their ethical dimensions.

0.What are the short and long-term options given the assessment of the pubic health issue and context in Step 1?

1.What are the ethical dimensions and tensions of each option?

2.Are there other moral considerations?

5.Step III: Provide justification for a particular public health decision.




3.Least infringement

4.Public justification

6.What ethical principles are connected to this case study?