Describe Washington’s upbringing.  What is the significance of his Atlanta Exposition Address. What does he mean when he tells the audience to “Cast down your bucket where you are”? 

What else do you find significant about the sections of his work Up from Slavery that we read?
Share a detail about Charles Chesnutt’s background that you find significant.  Then choose one of his short stories to discuss in detail.

What is the plot of “The Passing of Grandson” or “The Wife of His Youth”?

In “The Passing of Grandson,” where do you see the trickster figure (first introduced in the folktales at the beginning of the semester)?

  In “The Wife of His Youth,” how are historical events such as the separation of Black families in slavery and the building of communities after slavery represented? 

Harper’s story “The Two Offers” is the first published story by an African American woman.

  What is the plot of the story? What do you think Harper is trying to reveal about society in the mid-1800s?

After watching the interview with Henry Louis Gates Jr. and reading the introduction to the Reconstruction to the New Renaissance section of the Norton, please share two points mad