What is the state you have chosen to compare with Texas and why did you choose it?

  1. What is the state you have chosen to compare with Texas and why did you choose it?
  2. Name and describe at least three major issues facing your chosen state and how its policymakers (governor, legislators, courts, etc.) are currently addressing them. c. Provide a summary of the political party makeup in your chosen state. Is it more Republican, Democratic, or a combination of both? How does it compare to that of Texas? Explain. d. Provide a summary of voter eligibility requirements for your chosen state and that of Texas. How is voter turnout in this state and how does it compare to Texas? Finally, what actions would you propose for increasing overall voter turnout in either state? Explain. e. Compare the structure and powers of government institutions (executive, legislative, and judicial) of your chosen state to that of Texas. How are the three branches similar and/or different to Texas? Explain. f. In your opinion, what was your overall impression of this paper? Are there changes Texas policymakers should implement from your chosen state? Conversely, are there ideas this state should adopt from Texas? Explain.

Quick Response

The state similar to Texas is Oregon. The rationale for choosing Oregon is due to its similar size to Texas and closeness to the ocean. According to Oregon Census, the existing issues faced by the state including Land use, Natural Resource, Economic Development, Transportation, Health Care and Human Services(Bell, Boyle, & Rubin, 2006). The state leans more to the Democratic Party as evident by the representation of US senators. On the other hand, Texas leans more on the Republican Party since the late 1960s. The Republican Party became dominant in Texas by mid-1990s. The voter turnout in Oregon is at 63%, which was considered the highest midterm turnout. However, Texas is known to be among the worst voter turnout in the US. In 2018, the voter turnout was 28.3% as noted in the last midterm elections…

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