Who is the protagonist?


What is the theme/issue(s) confronting the protagonist (i.e., marketing, financial, management, etc.)?



In the space below, write a one to five paragraph summary of the case.



In the case, is there a problem/issue to be resolved?

 What is it and based on all the evidence and support listed below, how would you recommend to the protagonist to resolve it (similar to being in the role of a consultant? 

Be concise and detailed.


[Enter information here]


In the section below, provide detailed evidence/analysis how you reached your conclusion or answers above


Given all the data and information identified, what type of analysis did you completed (i.e., quantitative/financial models used, etc.)? How did you reach your decision or answer to the case questions? You must show your work to get any credit for this activity (i.e., insert/attach spreadsheets, copies of pages taken from the internet, links to other websites, etc.


As a result of completing this case, what did I learn from this case?


What is the root, underlying problem within the case (provide detail)?


Describe, in detail; how you can best fix the problem (provide pluses and minuses associated with your supplied problem solution)?