. This module will help you to understand the challenges school counselors face in meeting the wide range of ability levels and instructional needs of their students. 2.Next, view the module by first clicking on the Challenge icon. Watch the video about Sandra Montes and read the movie transcript. 3.Click Next on the bottom of the page and reflect on the following three questions:

 .What is the transition planning process for students with disabilities?



What is the school counselor’s responsibility in the transition planning process?


 How can school counselors further promote successful transition planning? 


How different are your answers? 

7.Using this module and other sources from Canvas, please write a 3-4-page position paper that covers the

 following intonation: 

a. Identify multiple activities relevant to each of the four stages of career development (ie., awareness, exploration, preparation, and placement).

 b .Identify and discuss four essential domains of transition planning (e.g., personal-social, general community functioning, employment leisure-recreational) for students with disabilities.