What Makes a Population Vulnerable to Disasters?

Special populations have unique (usually physical) requirements during a disaster. For example, children may need special care and treatment during disasters, such as smaller oxygen masks. Social and cultural factors (or aspects) are features that may be unique to a particular group of people. Emergency managers cannot assume that individuals and households will take necessary precautions if they have special circumstances that might increase their vulnerability in times of disaster. While emergency managers can request individuals with special needs to come forward and work with officials to take steps to ensure their safety, many people do not realize they are more vulnerable or even that they have special needs. Others may not trust the government and will choose not to participate in the process. Successful emergency managers actively identify populations that are vulnerable and take appropriate steps to consider the needs of these populations in their preparedness plans and mitigation efforts. For this Assignment, which is part of your Final Project, consider special populations and how social and cultural factors may impact disaster planning and mitigation. The Assignment (4–7 pages) 1–2 pages: Describe any special populations in your Final Project community. 3–5 pages: Explain the process you used to identify special populations in your community.

Quick Response

The population becomes vulnerable to disasters due to various reasons such as economic, psychological, political, institutional, cultural, and social factors that influence the livelihoods and their environment. Economic factors influence the ability of the vulnerable population to cater to the needs linked to disasters (Blaikie, Cannon, Davis, & Wisner, 2014). Socio-cultural factors influence the ability of the vulnerable population to withstand disaster such as social classes in society. The social class differences prevent people from working together out of the disaster. Political factors influence the ability of the government to deliver quality interventions to all people in the wake of a disaster. The above factors promote weaknesses, predisposition and lack of capacity to withstand a disaster…



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