What practices and training exist in your organization that promote global cultural awareness and appreciation?

Your company’s training manager has read your earlier suggestions and is impressed with the quality of your research. He is about to start some training for employees relocating to China as expatriates for three years and he has reached out to you for some guidance in terms of cultural differences. You realize that it is an important assignment and China’s culture is different from American culture. The training manager wants to ensure that he is sending the right people and wants to make sure that this team is adequately prepared for both the task and acclimating respectfully to the culture. Create a discussion post that responds to the following two sections.


Work with your classmates to produce high-quality analysis and recommendations.

Initial Post: Create a discussion post that addresses the following:


In this section reflect on the case scenario presented and respond to the following two questions:

Using the Big 5 Personality Traits Theory, what personality traits should the candidates being assigned to China have? Think specifically about Chinese culture as it compares to American culture.

What information would you provide in pre-departure training?


In this section, reflect on the organization you work for (or an organization that you have worked for previously).

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