Answer three of the following questions

Question One:  

You are a licensed conveyancer with a client who is a property developer.  Your client purchases a large lot of land, which he intends to subdivide and sell the smaller blocks.  

You prepare the contracts of sale for the subdivided blocks and you note that the property has two small houses already built on it.  The property is also next door to a livestock farm and is partially in a floodplain, which would restrict the location and types of houses that can be built.  

You are aware that your client has already started advertising the subdivision with a local real estate agent. The advertising contains statements like: “Live in rural paradise” “Come and breathe the serenity” and “Be one with nature”

What risks are there for your client or any other party involved?

  What advice would you give your client?

 What precautions should you take to minimize those risks?